eRecord-Research Project Update #3:

Faculty Advisory Committee formed

      The eRecord-Research Project Team continues to grow, most recently with the addition of a new Faculty Advisory M keeferCommittee chaired by Dr. Michael Keefer from the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease. Approximately 70 faculty and staff are now working together to build capacity for research through the use of electronic health information.

      Dr. Keefer joined the eRecord-Research Project at its inception, and is the faculty lead on Working Group C on Research Logistics and Process Issues, and also a member of the project’s Steering Committee. The three main project working groups meet weekly or bi-weekly, and Dr. Keefer realized that the intensity of the work may discourage many faculty from participating. He proposed the establishment of the new Faculty Advisory Committee as a way of gaining faculty input and feedback without an excessive time commitment. As Dr. Keefer points out, “Our input as researchers will be critical to ensuring that our needs are met and that the recommendations (that ultimately will go to the Medical Center’s senior management) support the many types of research that we conduct.”

     Faculty members representing a broad spectrum of clinical specialties and scientific disciplines have joined the committee, which met for the first time on September 30th. Members of the group shared their perspectives on data access, functionality for identifying potential subjects for research studies, an interest in using the electronic medical record to study physician practice patterns and for informing quality improvement efforts, and many other topics (click here to read the meeting minutes).

     If you would like to join the Faculty Advisory Committee, or one of the working groups, please contact Mary Little from the CTSI (contact information below). The next meeting of the Faculty Advisory Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, at 8am.

Want to learn more? Visit the eRecord-Research SharePoint site for a wealth of information.

eRecord-Research Project Quick Facts

The mission of the eRecord-Research Project is to identify specific approaches to utilizing healthcare information to improve support for biomedical research at URMC.

The eRecord-Research Project is a collaboration between the Clinical and Translational Science Institute and the eRecord Project, involving approximately 70 faculty and staff from across the Medical Center.

Come to the MyChart Demo, presented by eRecord Project team member Jill DelVecchio, on October 14, 2pm, at the Helen Wood Hall Auditorium.

For More Information:

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To join the eRecord-Research Project contact Mary Little at or at 275-0653


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