Process Improvement

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Office of Regulatory Support (ORS) staff engage across the University research community to identify system challenges and to coordinate development of system-wide solutions.


Chaired by the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Research and the ORS Director, the Clinical Research Review Process Improvement Team (CRRPIT) is a multi-disciplinary team that includes representation from central administrative offices as well as experienced clinical investigators. Represented University offices include:

  • Office of the Senior VP for Research;
  • Office for Human Subject Protection;
  • Office of Research and Project Administration;
  • Office of Technology Transfer;
  • Office of Counsel; and
  • Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards.

CRRPIT is organizationally housed within ORS, serving as a user advisory board to ORS and providing input and guidance for improvement of governing institutional research-management processes.  CRRPIT provides for innovative development and institutional adoption of solutions to systemic process challenges.

To recommend CRRPIT attention to a specific research-system challenge, please email the Research Help Desk.



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