Research Navigator Program

Request Research Help

The Research Navigator Program manages the central University Research Help Desk, guiding researchers to relevant resources, tools and collaborators, and assisting with required processes. Through the program, staff are available to answer questions, to meet identified needs and to “do the leg work” to find answers, leaving faculty and staff free to focus on other research activities. 

We are here to help!
Researchers are encouraged to submit questions and support requests to the Research Help Desk.  All requests will receive responses within 2 business days of submission.

How we can help:

The Research Navigator Program can help in a number of ways:

  • Email- Have a specific question of where to find something? Just email us!   
  • Our Research Navigator can meet with your team - This can be anything from an overview of what is available to investigators and staff at the University to assistance with a specific need.
  • We can arrange a meeting with an expert from a specific discipline - When a specific need is identified by the investigator or after a meeting with a Research Navigator, a referral to a specific discipline can be provided, including assistance with scheduling.
  • Many disciplines represented at one meeting- Sometimes, a targeted selection of disciplines is what is needed. We can schedule a meeting with experts from those few disciplines that a project needs.

Requesting Assistance

Request help by email, phone or the CTSI Consultation Tool.  In order to expedite your request, please include:

  • The nature of assistance requested  (Examples: Learning what is available to researchers; statistical analysis; help with entering results in
  • The stage of development or operations that the project has reached (Examples:  idea taking shape, project under way, project operations completed with follow-up activities needed—often data analysis)
  • A brief summary of your project's aims and structure
  • Relevant project-specific information that would affect next steps

Research Navigator Program staff collect as much information about a request as possible, to identify the range of needs associated with a request.  After discussion with the research team, we collaboratively determine the best mode(s) of interaction.

Continuing Support

After engaging expertise, the Research Navigator Program can provide a summary of recommendations and guidance for how to proceed with the suggested next steps.  Keep us informed on ongoing needs so that we can support you throughout the life of your project(s).