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Cutting Edge ResearchThe Research Resource Inventory is an inventory of activities and resources related to research at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The CTSI Office for Clinical Research collected the information by means of two different surveys, administered in July and August 2007. The first survey went to all URMC personnel listed as principal investigators for one or more research projects, based on information provided by the Office of Research and Project Administration and the Office for Human Subject Protection. The survey requested that PIs assign their projects to various categories (category definitions are explained in detail in the glossary section of this site). All PIs were surveyed and all projects that were active at the time of the survey are included in the RRI database.

The second survey solicited information from Departments and Centers regarding resources available to support clinical research at the institution. Departments were offered the opportunity to provide separate responses by Division, and a number of them did so. Resources can include patient databases, access to specific study populations, specialized technology and devices, human resources such as subject recruitment staff and data collection and management specialists, and educational and training programs. All Departments and Centers within the Medical School were surveyed, but those that responded that they had no resources supporting clinical research are not represented in the database. Note that the contact personnel listed in this section of the database expressed their willingness to answer questions and provide additional information about their department or division, so feel free to contact them.

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