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  1. Advance booking is limited to 2 half-day (3 hrs/day) slots per individual maximum (total of 6 hrs/week). Non-members can book up to one week in advance.
  2. You must submit a sort form within 24 hours of registering for time. If you do not, your time will be canceled. The form is linked through your Reservation Notification email receipt. Please READ the whole form and answer all the questions.
  3. Cancellation policy. Sorts may be cancelled two working days before your sort, or you will be charged for the time. This means, for example, that Monday sorts must be canceled by Thursday afternoon, or that a Wednesday sort must be cancelled by Monday.
  4. Please be on time, especially for the late afternoon sorts. If you are running late, please contact the facility as soon as you know you’ll be running late. If you do not call, and are more than 15 minutes late for your sort, your sort will be canceled and you will be billed for the missed time.

If users are late to a sort, they cannot assume they will get more time. If your sort runs long because you arrived late, it may be cut off at the registered end of your sort time. If users need more time, and no one is scheduled, the user can use the additional time, but the PI will be charged for the original start time through the actual end time.