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Our Solution

The Hub of Excellence for D/HH individuals is designed to support the academic development, professional training, and career advancement of D/HH individuals pursuing biomedical fields.

  • Co-leadership by anchor institutions, one with experience and expertise in research training (University of Rochester), the other with experience in training and educating D/HH students (Rochester Institute Technology). The two institutions represent complementary expertise throughout undergraduate, graduate, and research levels of advanced graduate and postdoctoral education, with educational outreach capabilities to the middle school level. This enables the integration of developmental experiences ranging from middle school curricula through Ph.D. programs to the professional workplace, supporting the acquisition of advanced research degrees and careers as research scientists.
  • Collaboration with Partner Programs and other NIH Hubs and institutions throughout the country preparing D/HH research scientists for NIH-related disciplines.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate innovative “best practices” programs, as well as translate and disseminate these programs to educational and research institutions through the USA that work with D/HH individuals
  • Serve as a national educational outreach and technical assistance resource. Enable institutions to better understand how to support D/HH students and staff