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URMC / Deaf Wellness Center / Research / Policies for Posting DWC PSAs on Your Website

Policies for Posting DWC PSAs on Your Website

  1. We encourage agencies that serve the mental health needs of deaf individuals to post a web link to the depression awareness PSAs that are on the Deaf Wellness Center's website.
  2. We offer a no-fee license that will allow posting of our copyrighted PSAs on others' websites if the following conditions are met.
  3. The agency must contact Dr. Robert Pollard, director of the Deaf Wellness Center, to obtain the no-fee license to post the PSAs on another website.
  4. Such posting cannot include any form of alteration of the original PSA; the PSA cannot be shortened, lengthened, or revised in any way. It must exclusively play in its original form.
  5. The agency CAN provide their own contact information in the text that appears "near" the PSA on their website, but not by altering or adding to the actual PSA itself. The draft text must be approved by the director of the Deaf Wellness Center before it is posted.
  6. Text that appears nearby the posted PSA cannot imply endorsement by the Deaf Wellness Center, Linda Bove, the American Psychiatric Foundation, the Ad Council of Rochester or any other original project partner.
  7. The text that appears nearby the posted PSA must state that the PSA was produced by the Deaf Wellness Center and provide our website URL.
  8. These PSAs cannot be posted on You Tube, Face Book, My Space or any other such Internet platform.
  9. Agencies wishing to use the PSAs for local television broadcast can contact the Deaf Wellness Center for assistance on how local agency contact information would be conveyed.

Please contact DWC director, Robert Pollard, with any question regarding these policies or if you are interested in posting these PSAs on your website or are interested in broadcasting them in your local area.