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Getting Started

Conducting research, whether basic, translational, or clinical, with a 3T magnet requires a significant investment of time, energy, and resources. For example, a typical functional imaging study requires a considerable amount of training in data analysis techniques and may easily involve 6 or more months of a full-time analysis technician. Any study conducted in the UR CABIN must fulfill strict safety requirements for all participating personnel. The UR CABIN will provide all required equipment for brain imaging (e.g., coils) and technical personnel (e.g., MR technologist during regular hours), as well as consultation on experimental design and preliminary data analysis. However, for custom applications (e.g., those requiring specialized coils), the user may be required to pay for the necessary hardware recommended by the UR CABIN . In addition, the user will be responsible for all recruitment and scheduling of human participants (or care and treatment of animal subjects), analysis of data and programming of all stimulus displays and response recording systems.

To obtain access to the UR CABIN for use of the scanner, the person heading up the project must either be a University of Rochester faculty member (or a certified member of a faculty lab group) or a faculty member at a neighboring institution.

Any proposed project must:

  • be reviewed by the UR CABIN executive committee (Professors Foxe and Zhong)
  • vetted by a presentation to the larger UR CABIN user group to receive constructive feedback on experimental design and analysis
  • have identified funds to pay for the hourly user fees
  • have obtained approval (RSRB or UCAR) for human or animal research protocols

Once all of these steps have been fulfilled and all lab personnel have passed a MR safety course, the PI will be provided with a login to Calpendo, the on-line scheduling calendar.


All personnel involved in the image acquisition and subject handling that requires access to the scanner or scanner console need to complete the UR CABIN MRI Safety Training Course. If the PI and other members of the team do not plan to come to the UR CABIN to interact with the subjects, but have delegated this task to specific members of the team, then only those individuals need to take the safety course. This is an approximately 2 hour seminar that ensures you are aware of the dangers inherent to the MR environment and how to keep the MR environment safe

  1. An approved IRB by your institution is required for pursuing the study at our site and we need a copy of the IRB on file at the UR CABIN. Please inform the UR CABIN upon receiving updated notification about any progress in grant submissions, funded or unfunded.
  2. Please complete the New Imaging Sudy Information Form.
  3. Please contact Zachary Miller, our MRI Office Manager, to set up a date and time to schedule a safety training.
  4. To add your study to the CABIN scheduling system (Calpendo), a billing account needs to be set up with Zachary Miller AFTER RSRB/UCAR approval for the study.  This includes the PI's name, the University account number, indirect rate (F&A) and administrator contact.
  5. After we receive this information, and it has been approved, you can register a new user account on the CABIN scheduling system​, if you do not have an existing user account.
  6. It is necessary for you to meet the study subjects in the UR CABIN's waiting room and stay for the entirety of the scheduled scan.
  7. If a project will collect, transmit, or store data electronically, the investigator MUST complete and submit the following form: Human Subject Research Electronic Data Security Form or pdf

Human Subject Compliance

Approval must be obtained from the Research Subjects Review Board prior to any project on the 3T magnet being approved. For all adult studies, investigators are required to use the provided templates. Investigators should follow the instructions in that template and in the how-to guide. For other types of studies, please contact John Foxe, PhD.

Data Security

If a project will collect, transmit, or store data electronically, the investigator MUST complete and submit the following form: Human Subject Research Electronic Data Security Form or pdf

Some research subjects have requested images from their brain scans. These can be provided BUT subjects must sign a disclaimer form acknowledging that these images are not adequate for diagnostic use. Please note that this form must be submitted as part of your RSRB application and approved as part of your protocol. The MR Screening form also needs to be submitted as part of your RSRB and approved as part of your protocol.

How-to Post an Open Research Project

The Medical Center posts listings of approved open projects for the public.  Instructions of how to post your open project can be found from the UR CTSI research site.

Written Forms

Please complete the MR Study Information form and the MR Safety Screening Form

Fee Structure

The Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards (ORACS) approved rate for use of the magnet is $600/hour billed in 15 minute increments.

If the grant is not paying Facility Administrative (F&A) indirect rate costs that cannot be specifically identified with a sponsored project, but which benefit that project (e.g., purchasing, utilities, payroll, facilities management, department administration) the scanning rate is $924/hour billed in 15 minute increments.

This includes a MR technologist who operates the magnet and archives your data. 

Access to Magnet and Subject Scheduling

Access to the magnet suite is limited only to personnel designated by the UR CABIN committee on use. Typically, these personnel consist of the PI and or specified assistants who meet the subject at the magnet center and are present during the data collection process.

Key-card access to the magnet suite is strictly controlled and no door should ever be propped open to allow non-approved access.

Access to the magnet console is limited to the MR technologists.

Subject scheduling is handled by our CABIN scheduling system. Requests for time are entered and every day (by noon) a review of all requests is completed by a designated UR CABIN staff member who ensures that abuses of the scheduling system (e.g., blocking out large chunks of time) are prevented. Since billing of hours on the magnet is strictly enforced by a login system, any scheduled hours will be billed regardless of whether the user is present. Cancellations must be made in a timely fashion. Cancellations that are not made in a timely fashion or misuse of the cancellation policy will result in billing penalties.