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Oral Health Care for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

Healthy Baby NetworkStudies indicate a link between poor oral health and adverse pregnancy outcomes. This free, 1.5 hour seminar is packed with great information and tips for providers to learn more about the risks and help patients receive dental treatment during pregnancy.  For your convenience, the same seminar will be offered twice in September 2017

About the Speaker

Dr. GajendraDr. Sangeeta Gajendra is a board certified public health dentist actively involved in research, teaching and administration at UR Medicine's Eastman Institute for Oral Health, and sees patients at two of its clinics. She has worked extensively on the topic of Oral Health and Breastfeeding and has presented at major meetings and conferences.

Sangeeta Gajendra, DDS, MPH, MS
Associate Professor and Clinical Chief
Department of Community Dentistry and Oral Disease Prevention
Eastman Institute for Oral Health
University of Rochester Medical Center

Educational objectives for this course

  1. Explore the prevalence, etiology and risk factors of oral disease, particularly periodontal disease and dental caries during pregnancy and its consequences for both mothers and children.
  2. Understand the evidence for periodontal disease affecting pregnancy outcomes.
  3. Understand the evidence for caries risk transmission from mother to child.
  4. Review dental treatment guidelines before, during and after pregnancy.
  5. Learn to collaborate with members of interprofessional teams to manage oral health in pregnancy.

Course Overview

pregnant womanOral health care during pregnancy and early childhood is important. Previous studies have shown an association between poor oral health and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Current understanding indicates that the benefits of providing dental care during pregnancy far outweigh potential risks. Many women do not seek and are not advised to seek dental care as part of their prenatal care. Many prenatal care providers may not have been trained to understand the relationship between oral health and overall health and thus fail to refer their patients to dental providers. A coordinated effort between the oral health and prenatal communities is essential for good maternal and child oral health outcomes.

  • 1 CE credit offered.  Seating is limited.  Please reserve early.
  • Parking vouchers will be given. Please call Carletta Carter at 585-576-5973 for directions and more information.

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