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Eastman Institute for Oral Health / Educational Programs / Pearls of Practice Prosthodontic Conference

Pearls of Practice Prosthodontic Conference

Stay tuned for more information, or contact Gina Curtiss at 585-273-4992.

Previous Speakers and Topics


Noah Whiteford, C.D.T. – The wide world of small diameter implants

Theresa M. Hofstede, D.D.S. – Dental management of the head and neck cancer patient

Paul J. Michaelson, D.D.S., FACT – Principles of denture design

Marshall Fagin, D.D.S. – After 35 years: reflections on prosthodontic success

Mary Ann Lester, D.D.S. – Demystifying computer guided implant placement


Rafael Ganddini

Mario Ganddini

Joseph Fantuzzo

Aaron Fenton

Jim McDonald

Edwardo Torrado


Dr. Alan Brodine – Prosthodontic Pearls

Dr. Julian Kahn – Practical Tools that can Make a Difference in your Practice

Dr. Heeje Lee – Implant Overdentures: Lessons Learned from Mistakes

Richard H. Graham – Little Gems and Helpful Hints

Dr. Michael Grassi – Pearls of Endodontics to Use in your Practice


Majd Al Mardini – Risk factors for Implants Placed in the Esthetic Zone

Mike Hagan – Technical Pitfalls of Removable Partial Denture Fabrication

Evangelos Rossopoulos – Overdentures: Treating the Fully or Partially Edentulous Patient Using Natural Teeth or Implants

Scott Stein – The Science of Smile

Robin Windl – Solutions for Everyday Implant Dentistry


Rafael Del Castillo – Clinical Realities and Practical Tools in Fixed and Implant Prosthodontics

Daniel Galindo – Digital Photography and CAD/CAM Concepts For Your Practice

Wael Garine – 21st Century Fixed Prosthodontics Made Easy…

Todd Lerner – Prosthodontic Potpourri for $100

Paul Romano – Periodontics For Your General Practice


Marianne Bafile – Diagnosis and Treatment of the Acute TMJ Patient Using a Leaf Gauge

Jane Brewer – The Best Lain Plans…

Keith Ferro – Practical Solutions in the Dental Practice Environment

Ronald Jarvis – Making Restorative Dentistry Fun with Quality and Predictability

Ross Tallents – The Pitfalls in Clinical Diagnosis of Patients with Orofacial Pains


Charlie Oster – Caring for the Fragile Edentulous Patient

Edward Plekavich – Uncomplicating Your Practice

Gary Rogoff – This Old Office

Ronald Sambursky – Techniques to Enhance Gingival Esthetics

Rodolfo Sanchez – Simplified Prosthesis Through the Use of Verification Casts


Izchak Barzily – Practical Procedures and Advise in the Prosthodontic Practice

Antonio Bello – 20 Years of Porcelain Veneers, What Works and What Does Not

Carlo Ercoli – Prosthodontic Tips For Your Restorative Practice

Frank R. LaMar Jr. – Predictable Prosthodontics

James Soltys – New Look at Maryland Bridges, Impressions, & Microabrasion