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URMC / Eastman Institute for Oral Health / Word of Mouth / June 2019 / Resident Spotlight - Dr. Elli Anna Kotsailidi

Resident Spotlight - Dr. Elli Anna Kotsailidi

Why did you choose Eastman/UR?

I was well aware that Eastman is a well esteemed university and Dr. Caton (chairman of Perio) is a world-wide known leader in the field. Therefore, I was excited to apply and eventually become one of his students.

Dr. Elli Anna K.In what ways (if any) did the Eastman experience make you a better dentist/specialist/person?

Definitely! During my time at Eastman, I had the opportunity to treat a variety of complex cases, learn from experienced faculty members and collaborate with colleagues from all over the world. Moreover, I developed lifelong friendships and feel that Eastman has become my second home.

What advice do you have for future Eastman residents?

My advice for future residents is to fully appreciate the opportunity they have been offered, work enthusiastically to develop as professionals, forge lifetime friendships and experience life in Rochester.

What do you love about Rochester, NY? Dislike?

I really enjoy the beautiful nature and how the scene changes at each one of the four seasons! I enjoy running by the river and experiencing the different restaurants and coffee places.

My favorite place in the world is…


What’s the next step for you?

Academic career at Eastman Institute for Oral Health.



Karen Black | 6/20/2019

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