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URMC / Eastman Institute for Oral Health / Word of Mouth / March 2019 / Dr. Hsu’s Research Renews Again for 18-Year Total

Dr. Hsu’s Research Renews Again for 18-Year Total

Wei Hsu, Ph.D., dean’s professor in the Department of Biomedical Genetics in the Center for Oral Biology and a scientist with the Eastman Institute for Oral Health received a five-year grant renewal for $2.58 million.

Drs. Hsu and MaruyamaThe National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research funded grant, Genetic Regulatory Network in Craniofacial Development, allows him and co-investigator Dr. Takamitsu Maruyama, research assistant professor of Dentistry, to continue efforts to decipher the skeletogenic signaling network underlying craniofacial development and disease.

The primary objective is to investigate the fundamental mechanisms underlying skeletogenesis with a specific emphasis on how skeletal stem cells are maintained at undifferentiated state, how the decision is made for them to become bone (osteoblast) or cartilage (chondro-cyte) cells and how aberrant regulation of these processes lead to skeletal deformities.

“We currently focus on the interplay of Wnt, FGF and BMP pathways,” Dr. Hsu explained. “By elucidating the mechanism underlying skeletal development mediated by these regulatory networks, we hope to advance the knowledge base of human diseases.”

Since the grant started in 2006, Dr. Hsu and his team have published 22 peer-reviewed article in high impact journals, including Nature Communications, Science Signaling and PNAS.

“We’re delighted that NIH/NIDCR favorably views our ongoing productivity and progress and continues to support our investigation through 2024,” Dr. Hsu added.

In addition to his work related to craniofacial development, Dr. Hsu is also widely published in the areas of Stem Cell Biology, Cancer Research, Cellular Signaling, and Ubiquitin-like Modifiers.



Karen Black | 3/14/2019

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