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Q&A with Prostho Lab Tech

Jason GuzikSince 2014, Jason Guzik has been the hands-on Prosthodontic lab technician who works  alongside of the residents to create patients' beautiful crowns and dentures.

What aspect of your position interests you the most?

The diversity of work I experience every day, especially the new technology. Here, you are not doing just one thing every day. I keep updated on the latest techniques and have the rare opportunity as a lab tech to experience all different areas of dentistry, simple dentures to elaborate implant prostheses.

What do you feel is unique to this program?

We are lucky in that we get the newest and latest toys. Our numerous research grants also help keep our program in the foreground of dental innovation. We are one of the few programs that have in house scanners and multiple mills. I like to say “Time to make the music” when the mills start churning for the day. The digital world of dentistry is always changing and I feel we get a great understanding of the technology as it continues to develop.

Is this more than a 9 to 5 job for you?

Yes, definitely. As Prosthodontists, you strive for perfection every day. My goal is to aid in that perfection and help make the patients as happy as possible. It takes time but at the end, it is worth it. The social environment in the lab is also great. The residents were welcoming from the beginning and we always share a few laughs while we are hard at work. The unique part of this program is the great relationship we have with alumni and the other specialty residents at EIOH.

What cases are you working on right now?

Today, I am digitally designing some crowns, making a few custom abutments, working on a bar, and an emergency partial denture for a young patient of ours.

What keeps you going through all this busy work?

Medium mocha lattes from next door

Karen Black | 10/3/2018

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