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Health Bites Past Seminars

The following past presentations can be streamed via YouTube.

January 9, 2018 - Gut Reaction

Ric Warren, LAC

Traditional Chinese Medicine states that the cause of all internal maladies stem from some sort of constrained emotion. This presentation takes a look at how these emotions impact appetite, eating, digestion, and bowel function. If left untreated they can lead to a state of digestive dysfunction.

December 12, 2017 - Mindfulness and Meditation

Estalyn Walcoff, LMHC, MA, RNP

Most people think of meditation as clearing your mind of all thoughts. In actuality, meditation is just practicing paying attention to one thing over and over again. In this seminar, an overview of the multitude of benefits of meditation will be presented. Much of the time will be spent in learning and practicing this ancient art. Estalyn Walcoff has an MA in Counseling Psychology and has been meditating for over 20 years. She teaches meditation at the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester as well as in her private psychotherapy practice.

November 14, 2017 - Dealing with Separation/ Divorce and Family Conflict over the Holidays

Renée O. LaPoint, MS, President & Mediator, The Mediation Center, Rochester, NY; John R. Piper, Conflict Resolution Specialist & Mediator, Mutual Choices

Often times, “the most wonderful time of the year”, can bring additional stress for families. For couples and families dealing with separation and divorce the holidays present more challenges for everyone involved. Join us and learn how to maneuver and survive this difficult time of year. Whether you are dealing with a separation, divorce or just the “normal” amount of family stress during the holidays, there are a variety of coping skills that can assist you with managing family communication and conflict.

October 10, 2017 - Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes

Thomas Campbell, MD

Have you been fearful of carbs? Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic and confused about what to eat? Though diabetes has been strongly linked to nutrition and physical activity, it’s hard not to be confused about what to eat. Dr. Tom Campbell will discuss how a well-planned plant-based diet, rich in fiber, can prevent and treat diabetes. View the Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes presentation.

April 11, 2017 - Financial Strategies for a Family with Special Needs

James Traylor, President of Upstate Special Needs Planning

This presentation is intended for families caring for a family member with an intellectual or developmental disability, mental illness/substance abuse, or a traumatic brain injury. opics will Include- Understanding the costs of caring for a person with special needs, maximizing available financial benefits for you and your loved one, understanding creative ways to save money for a person with a disability and planning for what will happen to your loved one after you are gone.

February 14, 2017 - Why Use Sound Technology to Help Patients?

Brian Dailey, MD, FACEP, FACFE (University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry-URMC)

Sound technology, specifically Hemi-Sync®, involves the playing of selected sound frequencies, which resonate with the brain and can facilitate healing, improve sleep, help manage pain and ease symptoms of conventional cancer therapies. Anxiety disorder with trouble relaxing or sleeping? Take patients  to a theta/delta brain wave state in minutes and induce a calm euphoria, useful for PTSD. Know someone with cancer? We will review some sound exercises to help with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and to help boost the immune system. Join Dr. Dailey as he explains sound technology basics and shares individual case studies as well as research findings. View the Sound Technology to Help Patients presentation.

January 10, 2017 - Discovering your daily MOJO

Rick Warren, LAC

Presenting 5 habits that include diet, meditation, movement, mindfulness and reading/writing that can help your day be brighter and keep you healthy. This presentation is designed to help sift through the mountain of information on health and wellness. Here are 5 basic, simple steps that can help you reach your healthy body goals-1-diet not dieting, 2-mindfulness meditation- a quick centering and awareness concentrating on our "breath", 3-movement, which can be as simple as stretching at your desk and, 4-reading (not emails) but actual books which keep our minds sharp and lively and last 5-writing or journaling , it's a way to write your biography of thoughts and feelings. These 5 are designed to be done in a timely manner and can help make our ever busy day just a little bit brighter and more healthy. View the discovering your daily MOJO presentation

December 13, 2016 - Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

Estalyn Walcoff, MA, RNP

Most people think of meditation as clearing your mind of all thoughts. In actuality, meditation is just practicing paying attention to one thing over and over again. In this seminar, an overview of the multitude of benefits of meditation will be presented. Much of the time will be spent in learning and practicing this ancient art. Estalyn Walcoff has an MA in Counseling Psychology and has been meditating for over 20 years. She teaches meditation at the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester as well as in her private psychotherapy practice. View the meditation and mindfulness presentation

November 8, 2016 - SmartPhoneOgraphy

Russell Lunn, BFA  

Explore techniques and discover secrets in creating high quality photographs with a Smart Phone Camera. Russ demystifies and makes it easy to understand and use your camera phone. Topics include: how to use the Cloud, basic image editing and clever household uses for this amazing piece of technology we carry everywhere we go. Balancing both creative and technical expertise, Russell Lunn, a veteran professional photographer and video producer turned “Smartphoneography” captures images with his smartphone on a daily basis.  This one-hour program will demystify phone camera settings and improve your knowledge, enabling you to move your “Smartphoneography” skills to the next level. View SmartPhoneOgraphy presentation

October 11, 2016 - Caring for Your Aging Parent

Ann Cornell, PsyD

Being a caregiver for aging parents can be a challenging and rewarding role. The quality of this relationship can be affected by factors such as major life transitions, family roles, values, culture, mental health, physical health, and the history of your relationship. Join us to understand more about your relationship and how to make it stronger.

September 13, 2016 - Plant-based Diets and Maximal Weight Loss

Thomas Campbell, MD

You may have heard about Bill Clinton, Beyonce, Adele, Carrie Underwood, Ellen Degeneres, or Usher trying plant-based diets recently. Come learn what a plant-based diet is, and whether it’s a healthy way to lose weight. Learn about an approach to weight loss that relies on enjoying better food choices and eating abundantly, rather than trying to “eat less” for the rest of your life. Thomas Campbell, MD is co-author of the bestseller, The China Study and author of The China Study Solution and co-founded the UR Program for Nutrition in Medicine. He regularly supports individuals and groups as they work to change their health and change their life through diet and lifestyle approaches. View the plant-based diets and maximal weight loss presentation

February 9, 2016 - Treating SAD with Acupuncture

Rick Warren, LAC

Stop Singing the Winter Blues: Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder Naturally with Acupuncture. View the treating SAD with acupuncture presentation

January 12, 2016 - Brain Changes Resulting from Meditation

Estalyn Walcoff, MA, RNP

View the brain changes resulting from meditation presentation

November 10, 2015 - Taking Control of Your Health with Plant-Based Nutrition

Steven Barnett, M.D.

Attendees will learn the rationale behind eating a whole-food, plant-based diet. The power of lifestyle changes to prevent, arrest, and reverse our nation’s most expensive and devastating diseases—including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease—will be addressed. Some of the politics behind the current dietary guidelines will be discussed. View the taking control of your health presentation

June 9, 2015 - Prescription Drug Abuse, Heroin and Synthetic Drugs: An Epidemic or Endemic?

Patrick Seche, MS, CASAC, Director, Strong Recovery/ Addiction Psychiatry Division, University of Rochester Medical Center

We've all heard the stories in the news about a life lost due to drug overdose or some other consequence of drug use. Unfortunately, the frequency of these stories has increased recently and usually it is about a life lost at much too young an age. The news is sometimes a shock to us because we did not recognize the signs and symptoms of addiction. So we are often left wondering: Where did this problem start? What are these drugs and who exactly is using them? What are the signs? What can we do about it? This is not a new problem yet the questions remain unanswered. We need to educate ourselves if we want to prevent these shocking news stories.  View prescription drug abuse presentation

May 12, 2015 - Edible Wild Foods

Linda Groves, Master Gardener

Did you know that many common weeds are edible? Immigrants brought their favorite wild plants with them, and many can be found in this area. This program will provide examples of tasty plants you can find near your home. Linda Groves is a Master Gardener with Cornell Cooperative Extension. She enjoys photographing plants and foraging for food.  View Edible Wild Foods presentation

April 14, 2015 - Autism Spectrum Disorders: Updates in Research and Current Best Practice

Caroline I. Magyar, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Division

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder estimated to affect 1 in 68 in the United States. Advances have been made in our understanding of the myriad of factors related to ASD and what constitutes effective practice. This presentation provides a brief overview of the latest research findings that inform our understanding and practice.  View Autism Spectrum Disorder presentation

February 10, 2015 - Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique

Tom Porpiglia, LMHC, Life Script Mental Health Counseling Services, PLLC

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), aka tapping, is often referred to as acupuncture for the emotions without needles.  Psychologist Roger Callahan pioneered tapping in the early ‘80s, calling it “Thought Field Therapy” as he discovered that a client could measure the level of a distressful memory just by “tuning in” or focusing on the memory.  Tapping was further refined and promoted by Gary Craig in the ‘90’s and spread rapidly via the internet.  EFT is now evidence based, having passed the research standards of the American Psychological Association, for PTSD/Trauma, anxiety, and many other issues.  To view Emotional Freedom Techniques presentation

January 13, 2015 - Can You Afford to be Disorganized?

Ann Michael Henry, Mise En Place

Did you know that there is a cost to disorganization? Join Professional Organizer and co-author of three books on productivity in the workplace, as she walks you through an eye-opening exercise to show you how disorganization negatively impacts your bottom line. Did you know that not taking a lunch break is contributing to your disorganization?  Or that multitasking results in you spending more time on a task than you need to?  Time wasted looking for information is a poor investment. You already know from an emotional standpoint how disorganization is impacting you and your work, now let’s take a look at it from a dollars and cents perspective.  View the disorganized presentation