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Have a Good Mental Health Day at Work

If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, you know that their symptoms don’t park themselves at the front door when you arrive at work. They might affect your mood and productivity, with some days being worse than others.

Be sure to develop a strategy for yourself so you can manage the symptoms that are making your day a struggle. Reach out to your Employee Assistance Program. Contact a "health buddy" (someone with whom you can share or can create a scenario of mutual support), take rejuvenating short breaks away from the work site, or work with your medical provider to explore reasonable accommodations. Both you and your employer want the same thing: You feeling your best and benefiting from your skills and abilities.

UR Medicine EAP is brought to you by Well-U, helping eligible individuals to assess issues, and provide short-term counseling and referrals.

Keith Stein | 4/4/2019

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