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Best Back-to-School Tips

Getting kids back to school and on a new schedule can be a tug of war without a little preparation. Here are some tips that stand the test of time: 1) For the nervous youngster facing a new school or grade, walk through the schedule one week before school begins, visit classrooms, and get a lay of the land to reduce anxiety. 2) If the school offers a pre-start, back-to-school night, attend it. 3) Beginning a week before the start of school, test sleeping routines by having everyone in the family practice going to bed and getting up at the expected hour. 4) Create a chart or to-do list of both the morning and the evening routines so young ones grasp the importance of self-management and independence.

Be sure to check out the Well-U August calendar of events to view the many programs aimed at helping you get some rest & relaxation! This includes a stress free zone, relaxing recreation day, & many other programs. You can sign up on the Well-U enrollment page.


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