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Tips for Better Mental Hygiene

Mental hygiene is the practice of using techniques, strategies, and good thinking habits to help prevent harm to mental health and maximize a positive outlook for your life. Mental hygiene is more than practicing positive thinking, just like oral hygiene is more than brushing your teeth. Personal problems that linger despite attempts to resolve them are an opportunity to use professional counselors or helpful resources to examine goals, relationship stress, self-talk patterns, diet, sleep, and conflict resolution or stress management strategies. And the benefit of professional help is always learning more about mental hygiene going forward to prevent similar or related problems. Don’t struggle with lingering problems. Instead, take a path of discovery where solutions are accompanied by new ways of applying good mental hygiene needed to overcome roadblocks, fears, and frustrations in your pursuit of happiness.

Be sure to check out the Well-U August calendar of events to view the many programs aimed at helping you get some rest & relaxation! This includes a stress free zone, relaxing recreation day, & many other programs. You can sign up on the Well-U enrollment page.


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