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Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet

Awesome, you’ve decided to get healthier by exercising more and training for improved fitness, but wait, are you changing your diet?

A common misconception is that exercise can out-train a bad diet. If you are still eating high-calorie foods, fats, and prepared foods, and hitting restaurant buffets, you are fighting a losing battle. You might feel a bit less guilt about your diet, but even a daily two-mile jog can’t put a dent in a bad diet. The opposite is also true. A diet without enough carbs or calories can cause you to lose muscle rather than burn fat for the energy needed in your exercise program.

So what’s the solution? Talk to your doctor about exercise. Get a referral for nutritional guidance. Your health provider may only recommend a great book. Perhaps an experienced nutritionist is better. Either way, overlooking diet as you seek improved health will place you at risk for giving up on the new life habit of building a better you.

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Keith Stein | 8/22/2019

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