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Goal Achievement: Don’t Break the Chain

Writing a book is considered one of the most difficult challenges, but books, Web sites, and clever tactics help guide would-be authors in being successful at it. All have one thing in common: writing a little bit every day. This concept is called "not breaking the chain."

It’s a motivational construct that can also help you reach a goal that can easily fall prey to procrastination. Whether it’s finishing knitting a sweater or completing a dissertation for a Ph.D., not breaking the chain is both a visual prompt for and a behavioral key to arriving at your goal. This metaphor or cue for action can help you bridge the gap between needing something done that you seriously desire and the lack of feeling motivated to do it—which is the definition of procrastination. Whether it’s spending three minutes or a full day working on your goal, don’t break the chain.

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Keith Stein | 2/7/2019

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