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Build a Stress Management “Tool Kit”

Do you have a personal stress management program—a collection of techniques to intervene when stress hits? With a thoughtful approach to stress management, you can reduce the risk of harm from prolonged stress and avoid unhealthy ways of coping with it. To build your stress management “tool kit,” first identify factors central to your stress response pattern. When stressed, do you lose sleep, get headaches or neck pain, eat poorly, eat more, not eat, become irritable, head for salty snacks, or have GI problems? See the long list of stress effects. Once you pin down these effects, focus on how to fight back. Research the intervention strategies, and try enlisting the help of EAP. Call (585) 475-0432.

The YOURhealth employee wellness program offers a 4-week Stress Reduction lifestyle management program to help you learn how stress impacts physical and mental health, monitor diet and physical activity, and assess work-life balance. Confirm your eligibility and enroll online.

Tracy Bussey | 6/7/2016

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