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Soft Skills to Know: Be “Healthy Competitive”

Healthy competitiveness is a learned skill and an energetic approach to work that shows you are proactive, focused, and positive. You seek to top your best, not that of others. Grow your competitive spirit by 1) Giving yourself permission to be competitive. Overcome any false scripts suggesting competitiveness means not being fair to others. 2) Identify strengths and skills that are unique to you. Spot opportunities to apply your skill set and establish goals that will add to your achievements while lifting up your employer. 3) Be a “conscious collaborator” by showing your ability to share work, elevate others, and share credit. Being competitive is an easily spotted trait, and you risk irking people if you do not demonstrate humility in this way. 4) Be confident about your skills, use hard work to achieve your goals, and avoid fear of failure. Share the final glory with those who lent a hand along the way, even if you believe it was not significant. [search: “The Benefits of Feeling Competitive”]


Tracy Bussey | 6/7/2016

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