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Is Social Media Changing You?

Are you aware of social media’s effect on you? Does it interrupt your activities, consume too much of your time, adversely affect your mood, keep you inside on sunny days, cause you to be late, distract your driving, or put the kibosh on your to-do list?

Facebook and other social media platforms make their money based on usage and seek to have you spend more time online. Some studies have shown a little shot of dopamine—a hormone that creates a sense of pleasure—is released when we engage on social media, get a response back, or gain any satisfaction from the clicks, likes, and entertainment we experience. This leads to escalating use, and it’s a powerful distraction when we are attempting to be productive. When our brains seek relief from stress or boredom, we reflexively turn to social media for a “pick me up.”

Many studies link social media use with depression and alienation from others. Gain more time in your life by reducing your social media use with the help of one of the many free apps that measure, control, and discourage use. They will tell you everything you want to know, including your accumulated hours from your days and weeks of social media engagement. Imagine what you will do with free time back in your life. [Search: social media dopamine]

Keith Stein | 3/15/2018

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