Leadership Series

This monthly leadership series focuses on junior to mid-level faculty who are beginning or envisioning a long-term leadership role within the Medical Center. This seminar series is intended to provide an introduction to leadership throughout the academic medical center.

Selected readings will be used in conjunction with lectures and discussions by current leaders to build an understanding of the characteristics and functions of good leaders and leadership.

The sessions are scheduled September through June, one Wednesday per month from 5:30-7:30 pm with refreshments provided. The first hour is the invited speaker and the second hour is a discussion session around readings and/or case examples.

Enrollment in this series is limited and preference is given to those faculty members nominated by their Department Chair or Center Director. A call for nominations for the following academic year is generally sent in July to all Department Chairs and Center Directors.

For additional information, contact the Office for Faculty Development at 276-3782 or via email at faculty_development@urmc.rochester.edu.

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