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Education Committee Conference / Program Evaluation Committee (PEC)

The GI Fellowship Education committee meets every other month to discuss the progress of the educational program, review whether the educational goals of various rotations are being met, monitor the progress PEC program improvement projects, discuss any breaking issues in graduate medical education, or any program specific problems. The Fellowship Education Committee consists of all the fellows, and at least three faculty members, including the Program Director and Assistant Program Director. It is a subcommittee that reports to the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC).

The PEC  meets once per year to annually review the curriculum, program quality indicators, as well as the progress of annual programmatic improvement projects previously agreed upon. The PEC also outlines future program improvement projects and methods for monitoring and measuring the progress of improvement projects.  The PEC is composed of 2 faculty as appointed by the Program Director (in this program, usually the Program Director and Assistant Program Director) and 2-3 fellows, consisting of senior and junior fellows, appointed ultimately by the Program Director but following fellow (peer) recommendations. This committee also prepares the annual program evaluation (APE).

The annual program evaluation (APE) is a documentation of the progress improvement projects in the past, with progress updates with measurement tools.  The document shows programmatic goals, and evaluates evidence that those goals are or are not being met. The document also discusses and documents programmatic strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.  The APE, after approval by the PEC, is reviewed with Division leadership, and then with the faculty and fellows in the Division.