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Couples Match

We welcome applications from candidates in the couples match. The strength of the training programs in many different fields makes Rochester a great fit for many couples. The "livability" of Rochester, with its low cost of living and ease of getting around, makes it an ideal community for young couples. While matching call schedules is difficult, we work very hard to help couples align their schedules and especially their vacations, whether both members are in the Internal Medicine program or they are in two different residency programs in Rochester.

We currently have 14 residents in our program whose spouse or significant other is also in a University of Rochester residency or fellowship.

Here is what one of them said when asked why he chose Rochester Internal Medicine:

paivanas couple"Rochester made it to the top of my rank list for a few reasons. I liked the collegial attitude and strong core internal medicine training. I liked how friendly and accommodating the program was for couples matching. They really worked with my wife's program to make sure that our schedules overlapped as much as possible." - Nick, Former Chief Resident