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Primary Care Program

Primary Care Training Options

Internal Medicine residency training historically has emphasized inpatient medicine. While internists need to be well-trained in the management of inpatients, internal medicine has evolved and is now primarily practiced in the ambulatory setting. Our “6+2” block model emphasizes the practice of outpatient medicine, and allows flexibility with elective time for residents to emphasize the type of training that best suits their career objectives. A survey of our residents after our first two years in the block model shows very high rates of satisfaction with their ambulatory training, their ability to focus on ambulatory education, and with their training in ambulatory subspecialties.

We have two separate programs for applicants considering a career in primary care-- our traditional Categorical Residency Program and our new Primary Care Program (note that these 2 programs have different NRMP numbers). Residents who match into our Categorical Program will be able to apply for a Primary Care Program position during their first 2 years of residency, and residents who match into the Primary Care Program will be able to switch into the Categorical Program, should they wish to during the course of their training.

Primary Care Training within the Categorical Residency Program

Each resident who matches into our categorical program will serve as the primary care physician for his or her own panel of patients in our patient-centered medical home residency clinic practice. All interns will also spend two half days per week during ambulatory blocks in a community-based primary care practice working with a single outstanding primary care physician teacher and mentor throughout their intern year.

In addition, all residents will have substantial elective flexibility to pursue additional primary care medicine and ambulatory elective experiences that are tailored to their learning needs. Residents interested in primary care may choose to spend 1, 2, or even 3 half days per week during ambulatory blocks in a community-based primary care office practice (in addition to their usual continuity resident-clinic half days) working with a single outstanding primary care physician during their R2 and R3 years. All of our residents also have the opportunity to pursue 2 or 4-week long electives in very highly-rated rural primary care practices in upstate New York.

Primary Care Program

Beyond the usual flexibility of our block model, we are also offering 4 Primary Care Program positions per year for residents who intend to pursue a career in primary care internal medicine (note that this program has a separate match number). The Primary Care Program is similar to our usual “6+2” categorical residency curriculum, but has a somewhat reduced commitment to inpatient rotations in the second and third years to allow additional ambulatory and primary care-based experiences to better prepare residents for primary care practice. Primary care residents have the option of having their continuity panel of patients within a community-based primary care office.

Specific changes relative to our standard categorical internal medicine residency can be personalized, but an example of the schedule changes for a Primary Care Program resident are listed below. example schedule

  • R1 year: one fewer floor block to allow a dedicated primary care office block.
  • R2 year: 4 fewer inpatient blocks (from a mixture of rotations, including floors, CCU, and heme-onc floors) to allow a primary care long block experience and an elective in a rural primary care office.
  • R3 year: 4 fewer inpatient blocks (from a mixture of rotations, including floors, CCU, MICU and heme-onc floors) to allow additional primary care long block, community based-primary care, and ambulatory specialty elective experiences.
  • Primary care residents in their second and third years will have the option of pursuing a "4+4" schedule, allowing additional primary care and ambulatory electives, as shown in this link.