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Why Rochester Internal Medicine

Applicants choose Rochester Internal Medicine for many reasons. We thought you might be interested in the thoughts of a few of our current residents

Kyere"When I was interviewing for residency, there were three things that I absolutely did not want to compromise on, namely a program deeply rooted in academics with ample opportunity for research if one wished, a program where residents felt taken care of by their superiors, and a program where camaraderie was evident among the residents. Since being here at URMC, I can attest to all of the above. Intern year is difficult no matter where you go but I feel very supported here by my upper levels. Program leadership is very receptive to resident concerns. The 6+2 block model is awesome. You learn a tremendous amount on your 6 weeks of inpatient blocks and then switch to a 2 week block with a focus on outpatient medicine. It strikes a nice balance not only in mastering both inpatient and outpatient medicine but also work-life balance which helps avoid burnout. I feel very much a part of a community which strives to be ever better. It's great. Rochester itself is a cool city. I like that it's very affordable and quite beautiful spring, summer, and fall. If you love nature, you will love living in Rochester. Overall, I am very happy to be a part of URMC" - Kay, URMC PGY3

Dodd"What made the program here at the University of Rochester stand out for me was the process by which learning occurs and the eagerness of everyone to help each other.  Being in a place that fosters a friendly environment between nurses, residents, attendings, and consultants in every field makes for not only great education and learning on all levels, but a place that you will enjoy going to work every day.  The structured learning conferences, teaching rounds, and the autonomy that the attendings and upper level residents allow us to have are exactly what I was hoping for in a residency program.  I can feel confident that after 3 years, wherever my path in medicine takes me, my training here will have prepared me well. Outside of work, whether it's going out with downtown with friends, summer music festivals, rock climbing, year-round farmers market, or snow boarding, there's not much Rochester does not let me do." - Matt, PGY3

Jared Walsh"The culture of camaraderie among residents at URMC stood out to me on my interview day, and I continue to be impressed by the culture of collaboration, teaching, and humanistic care that I have seen in my colleagues – from the program leadership to attendings, fellows, residents, nursing, and support staff. There is an excellent balance of autonomy and supervision in patient care that I was looking for in a residency program, especially in terms of my primary care patient panel. The teaching conferences are excellent, and consultants on the inpatient floors often go out of their way to do teaching on patients they see. Intern year has been a challenging and exciting year, and I have felt well supported and have managed to have a lot of fun every day with incredible co-residents." - Jared, PGY3