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Neurology Resident Leave Policy

Resident leaves of absence are regulated by both hospital employment policies and ABPN and ACGME residency graduation requirements, as follows:

Hospital employment policies:

  • Maternity leave:  6 weeks paid leave for a vaginal delivery; 8 weeks paid leave for a Caesarean section.  These are considered short-term medical disabilities and the residents receive full salary during the leave.

  • Paternity leave There is no specific paternity leave policy, but residents can take time off through the Paid Family Leave program, which provides 67% of salary up to 12 weeks per year as of January 1, 2021.

Resident graduation requirements:

  • The ABPN allows each resident to take up to 6 weeks of time off during the 4-year neurology residency program for personal reasons (maternity leave, paternity leave, or personal reasons) and would not require extending the residency program, at the discretion of the program director. 

    The residency program must otherwise include all required rotations (18 months of adult neurology, 12 weeks of child neurology and 4 weeks of psychiatry).  If more than 6 weeks of time are taken off during the 4-year residency, the residency program will be extended by a similar amount of time.