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In developing research projects, residents are not left to fend for themselves. All research projects are under the guidance of at least one faculty member. Numerous ideas and concepts are always available, and there are abundant local resources to support residents' investigations.

Investigations in Progress

  • Patient perception of safety of hormonal contraception compared to pregnancy in patients presenting for abortions
  • Continuation rates of long-acting reversible contraceptives inserted immediately following firs and second trimester abortions
  • Patient and practitioners perceptions of ultrasound screening in pregnancy
  • Half day versus full day resident clinics and the impact on continuity, provider satisfaction and inpatient workflow
  • Is obesity associated with an increased rate of fetal growth restriction?
  • Pregnancy outcomes of women with failure to retain rubella immunity
  • The PIP study: improving rates of postpartum IUD placement with prescheduled appointments
  • Physician knowledge and attitudes about expedited partner treatment

Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident Research Day, May 5, 2016

Elizabeth Bard, MD

Women’s representation in government as a predictor of women’s health outcomes
First place Lund Award Winner

Lauren Coyle, MD

The express study: Immediate postpartum breast pump use and infant formula supplementation at one month
Third place Lund Award winner

Beatriz Folch Torres-Aguiar, MD

The rise of female sterilization vs LARC among women in Latin America: A closer look at Colombia

Whitney Hanan, MD

A precursor survey to the scheduled prophylactic antiemetics for reduction of emesis with doxycycline (SPARED) trial

Stefanie Hollenbach, MD

Evaluating quantity of antenatal transplacental cell exchange: the EQUATE study

Tessa Reisinger, MD

Geographic disparities in access to abortion services in western New York

Daniel Terk, MD

Adherence to recommended cervical cancer screening based on HPV vaccination status
Second place Lund Award winner

36th Annual Jerome H. Rudolph Memorial Lecturer

Aaron B. Caughey, MD, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Associate Dean for Women’s Health Research and Policy, OHSU School of Medicine

Periviable Pregnancies: Decision Making Under Uncertainty