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Educational Activities

Conferences and rounds provide vivid examples of procedures and problems. Each conference involves a specific topic, with assigned reading. For example, in Monday's Trauma Conference, Dr. Gorczyca might discuss clavicle and glenoid fractures. Or Dr. Puzas, in a Basic Science talk, might discuss bone quality, bone densitometry (using DEXA scanning), or metabolic bone disease, such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia (rickets).


Trauma Conference


Indications Conference. Each division reviews its cases so the entire team can discuss any interesting surgical indications. These conferences, held by each subspecialty, are designed for attendings and residents on that rotation.


Specialty Conference. Each division of the department gives a cluster of six to eight presentations, covering the essentials of its subspecialty. With each conference, there is assigned reading.

Quality Assurance Conference. Once a month, each service at Strong Memorial Hospital reports on its clinical activity. Residents make case presentations of morbidities and mortalities.


Basic Science and Pathology. Residents are required to attend these sessions every Thursday morning throughout the year. Residents are provided with three science textbooks. Weekly reading assignments have to be completed before each conference.


Specialty Conference


Fracture sign-out. Every day, at the end of the morning conference, there is a review of all x-rays from the previous night in the Emergency Room.