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Frequently Asked Questions

In an attempt to effectively address some of your more commonly asked questions, we have compiled the following list. 

What is your application deadline?

November 1st.

Are there any application requirements other than the ERAS requirements? 

Just ERAS requirements. We accept a minimum of three letters of recommendation, but we will accept additional letters if sent.

How many positions are there? 

Seven. Six residents would complete PGY-1 through PGY-5. One resident would complete the PGY-1 and PGY-2 years and then enter the research laboratory for one year and resume training as a PGY-3.

How many people apply to your program? 

We receive more than 700 applications a year.

How do I apply for the research track?

There is a separate program in ERAS that you should apply to. You also then rank the research program through the separate NRMP match number.

Do you accept foreign medical students?

While we accept applications from foreign medical graduates, our program is extremely competitive, and success from foreign medical graduates in matching with our program would be very unusual.

When will I be notified as to whether I am selected for an interview? 

Invitations to interview are sent by email 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.