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The Otolaryngology Residency Program is housed in two hospitals—Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital—plus an otolaryngology imaging lab and private-practice facilities. We offer offsite clinical offices as well as time in our surgical center. Our faculty is comprised of fourteen full-time members and one part-time member.

All residents receive the opportunity to participate in the medical and surgical care of all types of ENT surgeries for all staff and private cases. Attending surgeons are available for operating room and clinic coverage on a daily basis, and the same applies for consultative and emergency services throughout the day and night. Direct supervision is always provided to residents under our program.

Each resident rotation is designed to help achieve the overall educational goal and therefore shares the common goal.  In order to direct progress toward goal achievement, general and specific objectives are identified.  General objectives are purposefully common to all rotations and listed separately.  Unique aspects of each rotation are outlined and specific objectives are listed under each rotation.  In order to achieve our stated goal, we have purposefully mirrored the goals and objectives of the ACGME’s Outcome Project.  Our assessment tools are designed to demonstrate progress towards these objectives by direct linking via a common format.

We offer instruction in all subspecialty areas of otolaryngology by fellowship trained specialists. There are no fellows, so as residents you are an integral participant in surgical and clinical care.

For program specifics, you can contact the Program office:

University of Rochester Medical Center
Otolaryngology Residency Program
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 629
Rochester, NY 14642
(585) 276-5181
Residency Coordinator: Sheila K. McCart

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