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Frequently Asked Questions

To address commonly asked questions, we have compiled the following list.

How do I apply?

  • We accept applications through ERAS only.

How many letters of recommendation do I need?

  • At least three letters, plus a Dean's letter. A Chair's letter is optional.

What is your medical school graduation cut-off date?

  • 5 years.

What USMLE Step results do I need?

  • Results for Step 1 and Step 2 must be submitted through ERAS prior to January. Step 3 results are not required.

Do you accept Comlex scores as well as USMLE scores?

  • Yes.

What is your minimum USMLE and/or Comlex score requirements? How many attempts?

  • Passing score, first time.

Do you offer Observerships?

  • Not at this time

What is the residency application deadline?

  • November 30.

What kind of experience do I need if I am an FMG?

  • At least two months of recent clinical, hands-on experience in pediatrics in the U.S. prior to applying. Documentation must be submitted through ERAS to support this experience. Observerships and research are not considered clinical, hands-on experience.

What kind of visa do you sponsor?

  • We sponsor J-1 visas only.