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Program Highlights

Our Mission

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Rochester focuses on providing its residents with a balanced clinical experience covering the broadest range of the field and improving the knowledge and skills necessary to practice the specialty to the fullest extent of their expertise.

Dr. Odom teaching

Dr. Odom teaching

Our residents receive special training in functional assessment and rehabilitation management; the use of therapeutic exercise and physical modalities (i.e., strength training, the use of ultrasound, electrical stimulation); the prescription and use of orthotics, prosthetics and other durable equipment; gait analysis; diagnostic and therapeutic injections; electrodiagnostics (nerve conduction studies and electromyography); and in the coordination of patient- and family-centered care and management of an interdisciplinary team.

Program Overview

Injection WorkshopThe Program thoroughly prepares our residents for board examinations. In addition, the University of Rochester Medical Center is widely known for its research and the development of new drugs, vaccines and devices that are used worldwide. Our residents are given the opportunity to actively participate in research and are encouraged to take part in the new innovations in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The department of PM&R has acquired robots for training patients with CVA, SCI, and TBI to improve function in upper and lower extremities. The department also has a SafeGait system for gait training.

By being a four-year program: the first year of the program is geared towards acquiring fundamental skills in patient care necessary to manage medical issues. Residents spend their remaining years in a combination of inpatient rotations and outpatient experiences, including elective time and research time which assists each resident in discovering their career path.

Residency is a time of focused learning and hard work. Because of the structure of our program, residents are able to successfully balance this rigorous training with their personal lives and they are happy. In fact, our residents report that their experiences here are great and that they are very satisfied with the program and life in Rochester.

Residents at presentationEducational Benefits

  • Annual educational allowance for books
  • Memberships to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) and the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP)
  • Five conference days and a conference budget during PGY2, PGY3 and PGY4 to attend educational conferences relevant to PM&R
  • National week long Board Review Course for seniors
  • Fostering and supporting research
  • Flexible clinical rotations

SCI Health Fair

There are ample opportunities for residents to participate in volunteer activities, including the annual departmental sponsored SCI Health Fair.

SCI Health Fair