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Center for a Tobacco-Free Finger Lakes

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Funded by the New York State Department of Health: Bureau of Tobacco Control

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WNY Center for Research on Flavored Tobacco Products​ (CRoFT)

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Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science [TCORS Grant: 1 U54 CA228110-01 Award Date: 9/14/18]

Roswell Park Cancer Institute and University of Rochester Medical Ctr.

Computer Assisted Tobacco Helper Interface Application (Chat e-CATHI Pilot Study)

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Learn more about Chat e-CATHI​

Funding Source: Wilmot Cancer Institute

PI: Scott McIntosh, PhD

e-Cigarettes and Oral Health


Funding Source: Wilmot Cancer Institute

MPIs (McIntosh, Gajendra, Rahman, Ossip)

Extension of eCigarette Study (Gangendra, PI)


Recruited final sample of 16 current e-Cigarette users (e-Cigarettes only).

  • Recruited and provided incentives for 16 subjects
  • Administered survey
  • Collected saliva and conducted lab analysis

Water Pipe Study


Funding Source: NIH / NIDA

PI: Irfan Rahman, PhD (Environmental Medicine)

Co-Investigator: Scott McIntosh, PhD

Recruit “waterpipe only” users, and assess topography, constituents, and toxicity of waterpipe tobacco smoke under realistic conditions.

Decídetexto: Mobile cessation for Latino smokers

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Funding source: National Cancer Institute (R01CA212189)

PI: Ana Paula Cupertino, PhD

Advancing smoking cessation in Latinos living with HIV one text at a time

Learn more about this study:

Funding source: Prevent Cancer Foundation

PI: Francisco Cartujano, MD