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The University of Rochester Psychiatry Residency Program is one of the oldest hospital-based training programs in the U.S. We develop psychiatrists who have the skills, medical judgment, clinical maturity and personal confidence to function at the highest levels as practitioners, educators, and clinical leaders. We encourage prospective applicants to review our program to see how we make resident success our driving focus. We invite you to navigate our website to explore how our emphasis on top-notch patient care sets a high standard for all that occurs at URMC.

What Makes us Unique?

A deep and abiding respect for patients: We never forget the unique trust patients place in us when they allow us access to the most vulnerable periods of their lives.

We strongly value our identity as physicians, and run our own inpatient and outpatient medicine services geared toward the needs of the mentally ill. Your medicine training will be completely relevant to your practice as a psychiatrist.

We foster a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support extending across faculty, staff and residents. This is a warm and welcoming place to be.

We maintain a high level of commitment to intellectual excellence, including protected educational time and access to an enormous number of research opportunities.

We provide patient centered care with an abundance of clinical diversity across a wide cultural and socioeconomic spectrum.