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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions. 

What is your application deadline?

November 1st.. 

Are there any application requirements other than the ERAS requirements?

No just ERAS requirements. We accept a minimum of three letters of recommendation, but we will accept additional letters if sent. 

How many positions are there?

Seven categorical surgery and two preliminary positions per year. 

How many people apply to your program? 

We receive approximately 900 applications a year. 

Do you accept foreign medical students? 

While we accept applications from foreign medical graduates, the University Policy only sponsors J-1 Visas. 

When will I be notified as to whether I am selected for an interview?

Selected applicants will be notified by email in mid October. 

Is this program fully accredited by the RRC?

In 2011 the General Surgery Residency Program received full accreditation for another four years. 

Is research required? 

Submitting at least one scholarly article to a peer-reviewed journal during your residency is expected. There are opportunities to take a year or two out of residency to pursue individual research projects.

How much autonomy do residents have in the OR?

This varies by attending, and if there are multiple residents on the case. Overall, if you are the most senior resident, you are expected to be able to perform the operation with assistance of the attending.

What’s the program policy on "moonlighting"?

Moonlighting is not permitted by the general surgery during clinical time.

What social events are sponsored by the Department of Surgery?

The department hosts a "Welcome" party for new interns. There is an Summer Outing, annual faculty vs. residents softball game, a holiday party, a resident retreat and a graduation dinner.