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Mission Statement

The Graduate Student Society Executive Board and Department Representatives (GSS) shall represent the graduate student body to enhance the quality of life and education at University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). GSS leadership shall coordinate and sponsor academic and social events of interest for the graduate student community. Additionally, GSS leadership will represent the concerns of graduate students and advocate for changes to enhance the quality of education to the University administration.

Department Representatives

Activity in GSS is voluntary; all students are encouraged to participate by communication through the GSS Department Representatives to the GSS Executive Board. The Department Representatives are nominated by the Department Chair to responsibly communicate the students’ needs or expectations. The Department Representatives are required to meet monthly to discuss upcoming events and to communicate student requests. Subsequently, Department Representatives are expected to report to the students of meeting proceedings and promote GSS activities. Meeting aims and resolutions will be posted on the GSS website to better communicate goals of GSS leadership personnel to students.


The GSS Executive Board goals, as designed by the GSS members and the department representatives, include four main focuses. 1) Improve the transparency and communications between GSS Executive Board and the graduate student assembly. 2) Broaden the knowledge and tools for the graduate student development of a scientific career through seminars, workshops or other means as designed by the GSS Executive Board and Department Representatives. 3) Increase graduate student involvement in community activities. 4) Provide social opportunities for student networking, enjoyment and release of tension.

Faculty Award

Awarded annually by the Graduate Student Society to an appointed faculty member in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, presented at the SMD Convocation Ceremony. The faculty member may be nominated by any student, and is chosen by GSS Executive Board vote. This award is intended to recognize someone who has made significant contributions to the quality of life and education for graduate students, including leading and/or contributing to academic events, social events, community outreach, and philanthropic efforts.

2014 - Helene McMurray
2013 - Doug Portman