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Recent Graduates


Helen WeiHelen Shinru Wei, PhD

"Astrocyte-mediated functional hyperemia in cerebral capillaries"

Advisors: Maiken Nedergaard, MD, DMSc, George E. Vates, MD, PhD




Jordan Carlton SchrammJordan Carlton Schramm

"Musicianship and Efferent Feedback Both Enhance Hearing in Noise Ability"

Advisor: Anne Luebke, PhD




Youngsun Theresa Cho, MD, PhDYoungsun Theresa Cho, MD, PhD

"Dopaminergic Inputs to the Primate Amygdala"

Advisor: Julie Fudge, MD




Glenn Todd SchneiderGlenn Todd Schneider

"Inner Ear Gene Therapy Steps to Treat Age-Related Hearing Loss"

Advisor: Robert D. Frisina, PhD




Zarina Sultana AliZarina Sultana Ali

"A comparative morphologic analysis of adult onset leukodystrophy with neuroanonal spheroids and pigmented glia - a role for oxidative damage"

Advisor: John T. Hansen, PhD


Qi NanNan Cui, MD, PhDQi NanNan Cui, MD, PhD

"Auditory and Visual Integration and Plasticity"

Advisor: Gary D. Paige, MD, PhD


BethAnn ShankerBethAnn Shanker

"The Relationship between Human Papilloma Viral Protein E6, p53, and Cyclooxygenase–2 in cervical cancer"

Advisor: M. Kerry O'Banion, MD, PhD