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Clinical Features of Epilepsy in Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (Batten Disease) - Erika Fullwood Augustine, MD

Interaction Between Program Evaluation and Funding Practices Among Health-focused Nonprofits in New York - Kathryn DeSorrento

Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser Fulvescens) as a Novel Bioindicator of Environmental Health - Louis DiVincenti

Phthalate Exposure via Consumption of Animal Proteins and Dairy Products in Reproductive-Aged Women - Chelsea A. Gill

A Mother’s Influence on her Daughter’s Breastfeeding Practices - Kyvaughn Ariann Henry

The Relationship Between CAG Repeat Length and Clinical Progression of Huntington’s Disease in the COHORT Study - Dustina Holt

Month of Conception in Relation to Neurologic Phenotypes of Autism Spectrum Disorders - Jara Johnson

Head Circumference to Abdominal Circumference Ratio: Is This an Accurate Predictor of Shoulder Dystocia? - Lauren Mack

Immunohistochemical Markers of Tumor Associated Epilepsy in Glioblastoma - Nimish A. Mohile

Evaluating the Association of Inflammatory Markers with Race, Ethnicity and Country of Origin - Militza Moreno

Health care workers’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices on tobacco use in seven economically disadvantaged communities in the Dominican Republic - Michael G. Prucha

Determinants of the Use of Community Technology Centers (CTC’s) in Dominican Republic - An Exploratory Study to Inform Future Policy on Telemedicine Use in Developing Countries - Mustafa Qazi

Facilitators and Barriers to Long-Term Follow-Up Care in Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers - Katie Devine Recuay

The Associated Risk of Visceral Obesity on Colorectal  Cancer Survival - Aaron Rickles

Personal Health Records in the Management of ADHD - Sarah D. Ronis

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills related to Teen Pregnancy and Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) among those working with inner-city youth - Brianna R. Schmitt

Prenatal Care Experiences of Deaf Women in Rochester, NY - Nicole Strait

A Geographical External Validation Analysis of a Multivariable Risk Score Model Predicting in Hospital Adverse Events Post-Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery - Teja Surapaneni

Relationship between CRT-D Induced QRS Morphology Changes and Response to Resynchronization Therapy in Patients with Mild Heart Failure and Left Bundle Branch Block - Nene Ugoeke