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A Comparison of Softball an Baseball Injuries Using the CPSC NEISS Database - Ashley Amidon

Explaining Variation in Ventral and Inguinal Hernia Repair Outcomes: A Population-based Analysis - Christopher Aquina

Highlighting the Unheard Voices:  A Qualitative Approach to understanding Successes and Barriers to Retention in the Rochester Diabetes Prevention Program in A Primarily African-American Urban Church-based Environment - Pamela M. Bailie

Silence in Doctor-patient-computer Communication - Josef J. Bartels

Reducing the Risk of Hospital Readmission:  Does Seeing One’s PCP Within 48 Hours Help Solve the Problem? - Jennifer Nicole Dziwis

The Association between Depression and Incidence of Emotional Eating in Pregnant Women Using eMoms of Rochester Data - Georgianne Frederick

Medication Identification in Pediatric Asthma (MED ID):  The Reliability and Validity of a Novel Screening Tool - Sean Frey

Systemic Inflammation an Increased Perceived Stress in Psoriasis Patients - Sade Fridy

Family Dynamics and Motivation Among Women in Drug Treatment Court - Zoe Goldberg

Factors Associated with Discussion about Emotional Changes Brought by Cancer Diagnosis - Iwona Grzela-Juskiewicz

The Effects of a Workplace Wellness Program on 10-Year Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Lifestyle Score in University Employees - Dulan W. Hailoo

A Target for Pre-operative Optimization? - Bradley Hensley

Physical Activity, Limitations in Activity, an Body Mass index Among Urban Children with Persistent Asthma - Heather Lynn Holderness

Marijuana and Body Weight in College Students (NCHA) - Tyler Holler

Cisplatin-vs. Carboplatin-induced Thromboembolism in Lung Cancer - Eric Sung-Yung Kim

The Association Between Pre-operative Lung Function on Hospital Length of Stay After LVAD Implementation - Robert Kottman

Basic Psychological Needs, Depressed Mood, and Quality of Life in HIV-infected Adults - Zahraa Majeed

Understanding the Response of parents to Newborn Hearing Screening - Robert Nutt

Association of Rurality and Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Jose G. Perez-Ramos

Differences in the Ability to Predict and Prepare for Sexual Activity Between HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Young South African Women - Rokhsanna Sadeghi

Exploring the Effects of the Triple Aim Among Vulnerable Populations in Rochester - John Scruton

Does e-Cigarette Use at Baseline Influence Smoking Cessation Rates Amongst Community College Students? - Erika Snow

Advance Care Planning Beliefs and Behaviors in the Rochester Metropolitan Area - Marielena Velez de Brown

Medications and Population Health: A Pharmacist’s Role in a Large Network of Medical Homes - Jineanne Venci

Women and Active Commuting in Rochester, NY:  Examining Relevant Social-ecological Factors - Emily Weber

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Medicare Part D Satisfaction and Intention to Switch Plans - Kai You