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Skills Development

Professional development is an integral part of your educational experience. Skills learned through professional development are as critical to succeeding in your program now as they are to landing a job later. We encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities for development throughout the year with myHub, the University, conferences and professional societies in your discipline, and via self-study utilizing the many resources that you will find throughout the myHub website. There is no better time than now to begin!

UR Resources

Books from the myHub Lending Library

Check out books from the myHub Lending Library. To check something out, visit our office in G-9556 or email us with your request.

Developing Transferable Skills: Enhancing Your Research and Employment Potential
By Pam Denicolo and Julie Reeves

Online Resources


Building Skills for Career Success While in Academia
From Propel Careers, by Lauren Celano

Developing Transferable Skills during Science Training
From Addgene Blog, by Joanne Kamens

How to Make the Most of Transferable Skills
From Naturejobs, by Catherine de Lange

Let's Give Service a Real Role: Why Committee and Volunteer Work Is a Good Idea for Graduate Students
From The Chronicle of Higher Education, by Sarah N. Lang

Overqualified or Underqualified?
From Science Careers, by Carrie Arnold

PhD Transferable Skills
From the Career Center at the University of Michigan

Professional Development on a Ph.D.'s Schedule
From Inside Higher Ed, by Thomas Magaldi

Seven Must-Have Attributes that Get You Hired
From Science Careers, by Dave Jensen

The Transferable Postdoc
From Science Careers, by Kendall Powell

Transferable Skills and Portable Careers
From Science Careers, by Christie Aschwanden