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Current Student Composite (Updated annually in fall)


Viktoriya  Anokhina
Viktoriya  Anokhina, M.S.
Research Interest:
Increasing Efficacy of RNA-targeted anti-HIV Compounds via Nanoparticle Formulation
Gloria Asantewaa
Gloria Asantewaa
Chen Bao
Chen Bao
Research Interest:
Elucidating the Mechanism of Ribosome Pausing Mediated by mRNA Secondary Structures
Rachel Bonn-Breach
Rachel Bonn-Breach
Jessica Ciesla
Jessica Ciesla
Research Interest:
Elucidating the Role of UL26 in Human Cytomegalovirus Infection and Proliferation
Tyler Couch
Tyler Couch, M.S.
Research Interest:
Human Erythroblasts with c-Kit Activating Mutations Have Reduced Cell Culture Costs and Remain Capable of Terminal Maturation and Enucleation
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis
Research Interest:
Elucidating Guide-RNA Design Rules for Efficient and Highly Specific Cas13 RNA-targeting in Human Cells
Meemanage  De Zoysa
Meemanage  De Zoysa, M.S.
Research Interest:
The Effect of U2 snRNA Pseudouridylation on Pre-mRNA Splicing in S. cerevisiae
Thareendra De Zoysa
Thareendra De Zoysa, M.S.
Research Interest:
tRNA Quality Control Pathways in Evolutionarily Distant Yeasts
Sierra Fox
Sierra Fox, M.S.
Research Interest:
Dissecting the Function of Domain-Forming Transcriptional Enhancers
Christopher Goodwin
Christopher Goodwin, M.S.
Research Interest:
HCMV and NFκB Signaling: Viral Modulation of Host Cell Inflammatory Signaling During Infection
Fanfan Hao
Fanfan Hao, M.S.
Research Interest:
Communication Between the Core Histone Tails and the H1 Carboxyl-Terminal Domain
Omar Hedaya
Omar Hedaya
Research Interest:
The Role of DDX3X in the Translation of Cardiomyocyte Transcription Factors
Lisa Houston
Lisa Houston, M.S.
Research Interest:
Dissecting Mechanisms by which Particular Codon Pairs Regulate Translation
Nazish Jeffery
Nazish Jeffery, M.S.
Research Interest:
H2A.X Loss Results in Defective Erythroid Terminal Maturation
Feng Jiang
Feng Jiang
Research Interest:
Cracking the Function of PRRC2B in Translation Initiation
Wan-Jung Lai
Wan-Jung Lai, M.S.
Research Interest:
The Role of the Intrinsic Closeness of mRNA Ends in Translation
Lingfeng Luo
Lingfeng Luo, M.S.
Research Interest:
Role of PDE10A in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Hyperplasia and Pathological Vascular Remodeling
Nicholas Macoretta
Nicholas Macoretta
Research Interest:
The Role of Histone Variants and Modifications in Aging
Luke Marr
Luke Marr, M.S.
Research Interest:
Probing Chromatin Structure through Accessible Histone Surfaces
Isreal Moreno
Isreal Moreno, M.S.
Research Interest:
The Role of Enolase 2 during HCMV Infection
Julia Nicosia
Julia Nicosia
Matthew Raymonda
Matthew Raymonda
Research Interest:
Identifying the Mechanisms of UL38 Mediated Metabolic Activation and their Contribution to Human Cytomegalovirus Infection
Griffin Schroeder
Griffin Schroeder
Monika Tasak
Monika Tasak
Research Interest:
Biology of 2'-O-methylation in the Anticodon Loop of Yeast tRNAs
Jennifer Twardowski
Jennifer Twardowski
Arica VanderWal
Arica VanderWal
Research Interest:
Determining the Mechanism by which Accessory Protein Csx28 Enhances RNA-Targeting of CRISPR-Cas13b
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker
Research Interest:
Investigation of Proteome-Wide Trends in Protein Stability using Mass Spectrometry
Hong Zhu
Hong Zhu, M.S.
Research Interest:
Yeast Cell Surface Display of HIV Envelope Glycoprotein for Vaccine Development