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Recent Graduates



Shihao Xu

Shihao Xu, Ph.D.

The Impact of Oncogenic Signaling on Metabolic Stress Responses and Human Cytomegalovirus Infection

Advisor: Joshua C. Munger, Ph.D.


Angela Balliano

Angela Balliano, Ph.D.

Characterization of ATP-Dependent Chromatin Remodeler-Nucleosome Interactions and Analysis of the Role of HMGB1 in Base Excision Repair

Advisor: Jeffrey J. Hayes, Ph.D.

Stefanie DeVito

Stefanie DeVito, Ph.D.

Contributions of Pyrimidine Biosynthesis to Viral Infection

Advisor: Joshua C. Munger, Ph.D.

Marina Feigenson

Marina Feigenson, Ph.D.

Investigating the Role of Prostaglandin E2 Receptor Subtype 1 in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation

Advisor: Jeffrey J. Hayes, Ph.D.

Guangze Jin

Guangze Jin, Ph.D.

Characterization of PIN-domain Toxin-antitoxins VapBC from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Advisor: J. Scott Butler, Ph.D.

Morgan Monaghan

Morgan Monaghan, Ph.D.

Identification of A2 Inter-Subunit Interactions in Factor VIIIa of the Blood Clotting Pathway

Advisor: Philip J. Fay, Ph.D.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy, Ph.D.

The Non-Histone Protein HMGN1 Alters Core Histone Tail and H1 Interactions to Modify Higher-Order Chromatin Structure

Advisor: Jeffrey J. Hayes, Ph.D.

Chinmay Surve

Chinmay Surve, Ph.D.

Stimulation of Neutrophil Migration through the Dynamic Regulation of Signaling by the Heterotrimeric G Proteins ai and bgSubunit

Advisor: Alan Victor Smrcka, Ph.D.

Yongchun Zhang

Yongchun Zhang, Ph.D.

Beta-catenin signaling integrates with BMP2 and CCN1 signaling to regulate chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage development

Advisor: Regis O'Keefe, M.D., Ph.D.


Brenda Cadiz-Rivera

Brenda Cadiz-Rivera, Ph.D.

Hyperacetylated Domain Formation and cis-acting Regulatory DNA Sequences within the Murine β-globin Locus

Advisor: Michael D. Bulger, Ph.D.

Joshua Dewe

Joshua Dewe, Ph.D.

Characterizing the Role of Elongation Factor 1A and Other Cellular Proteins in the Yeast Rapid tRNA Decay Pathway

Advisor: Eric Phizicky, Ph.D.

Joseph Liberman

Joseph Liberman, Ph.D.

Structural and Functional Analysis of Gene Regulatory PreQ1 Riboswitches

Advisor: Joseph E. Wedekind, Ph.D.

William McDougall

William McDougall, Ph.D.

Characterization of the APOBEC3G ssDNA Editing Complex and its Regulation by RNA

Advisor: Harold C. Smith, Ph.D.

David Rabayev

David Rabayev, Ph.D.

Tissue Specific Gene Activation by a Class of Enhancers in Hyperacetylated Domains of Chromatin

Advisor: Michael D. Bulger, Ph.D.

Jiashi Wang

Jiashi Wang, Ph.D.

Investigation of an evolutionarily conserved Staufen-mediated mRNA decay pathway that involves SINEs and lncRNAs

Advisor: Lynne Maquat, Ph.D.


Kimberly Dean

Kimberly Dean, Ph.D.

Selection, Identification, and Characterization of Codon Pairs that Inhibit Translation and the Development of the RNA-ID Method to Measure the Effects of Cis-Regulatory Elements

Advisor: Elizabeth Grayhack, Ph.D.

Geoffrey Lippa

Geoffrey Lippa, Ph.D.

Thermodynamic Analysis and Characterization of Viral-Host Protein Interactions as a Preface to HIV Therapeutic Design

Advisor: Joseph E. Wedekind, Ph.D.

Sharon Pepenella

Sharon Pepenella, Ph.D.

Characterization of Intra- and Inter-nucleosomal Interactions of the Histone H4 Tail Domain and the Effects of H4 Acetylation on Chromatin Structure

Advisor: Jeffrey J. Hayes, Ph.D.

Cody Spencer

Cody Spencer, Ph.D.

Fatty Acid Biosynthesis: Elucidating the Mechanisms Behind the Manipulation and Necessity of a Metabolic Pathway Critical for Viral and Cancer Pathogenesis

Advisor: Joshua C. Munger, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Zuber

Jeffrey Zuber, Ph.D.

Identification of Mutations Affecting the Thermal Stability of Ste2p, a G Protein Coupled Receptor in S. cerevisiae

Advisor: Mark E. Dumont, Ph.D.


Jennifer DeAngelis

Jennifer DeAngelis, Ph.D.

The Mechanisms for Catalytic Inactivation of FVIIIa by APC and Factor Xa

Advisor: Philip J. Fay, Ph.D.

Rozzy Finn

Rozzy Finn, Ph.D.

The Role of Glutamate Receptors in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

Advisor: David A. Pearce, Ph.D.

Jason Gloor

Jason Gloor, Ph.D.

Binding and Cleavage Specificities of Human Dna2 and FEN1 Define Their Enzymatic Activities during DNA Replication and Repair

Advisor: Robert A. Bambara, Ph.D.

Chenguang Gong

Chenguang Gong, Ph.D.

Staufen1-Mediated mRNA Decay in Mammalian Cells

Advisor: Lynne Maquat, Ph.D.

Athena Kantartzis

Athena Kantartzis, Ph.D.

Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Genome Maintenance

Advisor: Robert A. Bambara, Ph.D.

Jessica McArdle

Jessica McArdle, Ph.D.

Uncovering the Mechanism by Which Human Cytomegalovirus Mediates Glycolytic Activation

Advisor: Joshua C. Munger, Ph.D.

Adam Miller

Adam Miller, Ph.D.

Human Telomere DNA Damage by Oxidation and Direct Effect Ionizing Radiation, and the Promotion of Telomere DNA Repair by Telomere Proteins

Advisor: Robert A. Bambara, Ph.D.

Karyn Schmidt

Karyn Schmidt, Ph.D.

Air Proteins Control Differential TRAMP Substrate Specificity for Nuclear RNA Surveillance

Advisor: J. Scott Butler, Ph.D.

Wen Shen

Wen Shen, Ph.D.

Factors that Promote Strand Transfer Recombination during HIV-1 Reverse Transcription

Advisor: Robert A. Bambara, Ph.D.

Guowei Wu

Guowei Wu, Ph.D.

Constitutive and inducible pseudouridylation of S. cerevisiae U2 snRNA

Advisor: Yi-Tao Yu, Ph.D.