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Current Student Composite (Updated annually in fall)


Lauren Benoodt
Lauren Benoodt, M.S.
Research Interest:
Extending Pathways for Mechanistic Predictions from Large Scale Data
Michael Bryan
Michael Bryan, M.S.
Research Interest:
Development of Silicon Nitride Photonic Microring Resonator Arrays as a Biosensing Platform for Multiplex Setection of Biologically Relevant Protein Targets
Joseph Bucukovski
Joseph Bucukovski
Chapin Cavender
Chapin Cavender, M.S.
Research Interest:
Capturing the Influence of Solvent in Quantum Chemistry Calculations of RNAs
Sai Chavali
Sai Chavali
Research Interest:
Structural Characterization of Multiple Lab-Evolved Proteins Reveals Signature Sequences in HIV-1 TAR RNA Recognition
Debapratim Dutta
Debapratim Dutta, M.S.
Research Interest:
Elucidating Signal Transduction Pathways in RNA Mediated Gene Regulation
Mohammad Kayedkhordeh
Mohammad Kayedkhordeh, M.S.
Research Interest:
Monte Carlo: A New Approach to Predict RNA Secondary Structures Including Pseudoknots
Ashwin Kumar
Ashwin Kumar
Research Interest:
Mapping Inter-Nucleosomal Interactions in Model Nucleosomal Arrays
Debanjana Maji
Debanjana Maji
Research Interest:
Structure and Function of Cancer-Relevant Pre-mRNA Splicing Factors
Rohith Palli
Rohith Palli, M.S.
Research Interest:
Executable Models for Pathway Analysis
Mukta Palshikar
Mukta Palshikar
Research Interest:
Single-cell RNAseq Analysis Reveals Immune Cell Heterogeneity in people with HIV+ and Atherosclerosis
Emily Robinson
Emily Robinson
Letty Salas Estrada
Letty Salas Estrada, M.S.
Research Interest:
Study of Ultra-fast Rhodopsin Activation Dynamics with Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Louis Smith
Louis Smith, M.S.
Research Interest:
Do Simulations of RNA Need Explicitly Modeled Hydrogen Bond Energies to be Accurate?
Yoshita Srivastava
Yoshita Srivastava
Daniel Steiner
Daniel Steiner, M.S.
Research Interest:
Optical Sensing Using Silicon and Polymer Photonics