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Final Examination And Termination

Before the exam, the student's thesis advisor will receive confirmation of the exam schedule.

The format of the Final Examination is as follows.  The first hour of the exam is a seminar sponsored by the Department and open to the academic community.  The student's presentation should last 50 minutes with 10 additional minutes allocated for questions from the audience, usually following the candidate’s acknowledgments.  A computer presentation, as well as any other notes, slides, charts, and usual visual aids are permitted for this open session.  The student and the examining committee will then adjourn to a private (closed) session where they will conduct the second part of the exam.  Using oral interrogation, the committee will scrutinize the student's comprehension, execution, description, interpretation and conclusions that are reported in the thesis.  The student is encouraged to bring a copy of their thesis to the defense for their own reference. 

After successful completion of the Final Examination and after making any required corrections in the thesis, the student must electronically submit a corrected copy of the thesis via SharePoint.  The student is also expected to completed the UR Research Authorization form, provide the Graduate Studies Coordinator with an updated post defense Curriculum Vitae (C.V.), one tape bound copy of the final thesis needs to be submitted to the Department office and an electronic version of the Department Termination Form must be emailed to the Graduate Studies Coordinator.  Students are required to turn in their lab key(s) and student ID on their termination date to the Department office. 

The termination date will determine when the stipend payment will cease.  The student should discuss this with his/her advisor and share this information with the Graduate Studies Coordinator.