• Cell Signaling & Communications

    Cell Signaling & Communications

    Processes and mechanisms underlying intracellular messaging, excitable membranes, and synaptic and non-synaptic transmission of neural information.

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  • Learning, Memory, & Adaptive Plasticity

    Learning, Memory, & Adaptive Plasticity

    Processes and mechanisms underlying how early and adult experience modifies behavior and its underlying neural processes.

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  • Neurobiology of Disease

    Neurobiology of Disease

    Fundamental pathologic, translational, and clinical processes and genetic predispositions that afflict the nervous system.

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  • Neurodevelopment & Aging

    Neurodevelopment & Aging

    Neural development and aging, including neurogenesis, differentiation, cell death, synaptic specification, and changes in neural organization and function that accompany senescence.

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  • Neuroengineering


    The combination of quantitative method, the physical sciences, and the biological sciences has provided remarkable contributions to our understanding of biomedical phenomena, including pathologic processes.

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  • Neurogenetics


    Studies the role of genetics in the development and function of the nervous system, including regrowth or repair of nervous tissues, cells or cell products.

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    • Gan Lab Developing Therapies for Blindness and Deafness via Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Replacement
    • Goldman Lab Cell & Gene Therapy
    • Libby Lab Molecular Processes that Lead to RGC Death in Glaucoma
    • Nehrke Lab Integrative Physiology
    • Noble Lab Stem Cell Biology and Stem Cell Medicine
    • Portman Lab Sex Differences in the Development and Function of the C. elegans Nervous System
    • Pröschel Lab Glial Progenitor Cells
    • Thornton Lab Neurogenetic Disorders
  • Sensory, Motor, & Integrative Systems Neuroscience

    Sensory, Motor, & Integrative Systems Neuroscience

    Sensory transduction, central processing and integration of sensory input across modalities, and the neural control of motor output and behavior.

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  • Stem Cells, Neuroregeneration, & Repair

    Stem Cells, Neuroregeneration, & Repair

    Stimulation of the repair capacity of endogenous neural stem and progenitor cell populations.

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