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Current Students

2016-2017 Student Composite


Holly Beaulac
Holly Beaulac
    Identifying molecular mechanisms that maintain or restore hearing after noise exposure
    Shiona Biswas
    Shiona Biswas
      Transcription factors involved in embryonic and early postnatal development of the CNS
      Tyler Cash-Padgett
      Tyler Cash-Padgett
      • First Year
        Matthew Cavanaugh
        Matthew Cavanaugh
          Recovery of vision in cortically blind subjects through training
          Henry Choi
          Henry Choi
          • First Year
            Dawling Dionisio-Santos
            Dawling Dionisio-Santos
              Neuroinflammatory mechanisms that contribute to the development and progression of Alzheimer's Disease
              Kelli Fagan
              Kelli Fagan
                Sex differences in the nervous system
                Berkeley Fahrenthold
                Berkeley Fahrenthold
                  The prefrontal-basal ganglia circuit and its role in psychiatric disorders
                  Julianne Feola
                  Julianne Feola
                    Neurodegeneration and Mechanisms of Protection in Stroke and Hypoxic Signaling
                    Kathleen Gates
                    Kathleen Gates
                    • First Year
                      Joshua Hinkle
                      Joshua Hinkle
                        Effects of irradiation on neuron-glia interactions
                        Jessica Hogestyn
                        Jessica Hogestyn
                          Effects of latent human herpesvirus 6 infection on oligodendrocyte precursor cell migration and differentiation
                          Gavin Jenkins
                          Gavin Jenkins
                          • First Year
                            Laura Lee
                            Laura Lee
                            • First Year
                              Colin Lockwood
                              Colin Lockwood
                                Systems neuroscience
                                Nguyen Mai
                                Nguyen Mai
                                  Cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury
                                  Evan McConnell
                                  Evan McConnell
                                    Deep brain stimulation, movement and cerebrovascular disorders
                                    Alexandra Mchale
                                    Alexandra Mchale
                                    • First Year
                                      Monique Mendes
                                      Monique Mendes
                                        Microglial contributions to circuit changes following experience-dependent plasticity
                                        Humberto Mestre
                                        Humberto Mestre
                                          Vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia.
                                          Patrick Miller-Rhodes
                                          Patrick Miller-Rhodes
                                            Microglia-lymphocyte crosstalk in HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorder
                                            Heather Natola
                                            Heather Natola
                                              Studying how astrocytes can be used as a therapy for Parkinson's Disease.
                                              John O'Donnell
                                              John O'Donnell
                                                Astrocytic Responses to Neuromodulators
                                                Yunpeng Pang
                                                Yunpeng Pang
                                                • First Year
                                                  Rebecca Rausch
                                                  Rebecca Rausch
                                                    Role of Notch and BMP Signaling in Anterior Eye Development
                                                    Garrick Salois
                                                    Garrick Salois
                                                      The effects of gestational and early life nutrient deficiency on plasticity and risk for the development of neuropsychological disorders
                                                      Neal Shah
                                                      Neal Shah
                                                      • First Year
                                                        Shraddha Shah
                                                        Shraddha Shah
                                                          Aleta Steevens
                                                          Aleta Steevens
                                                            Determining the role of SOX2 in inner ear neurosensory development
                                                            Rianne Stowell
                                                            Rianne Stowell
                                                              The role of microglia in activity-dependent cortical plasticity
                                                              Stephanie Syc
                                                              Stephanie Syc
                                                                Mechanisms of optic neuropathy-induced cell death
                                                                Kamy Wakim
                                                                Kamy Wakim
                                                                • First Year
                                                                  Xiaowei Wang
                                                                  Xiaowei Wang
                                                                    Traumatic brain injury and repair
                                                                    Emily Warner
                                                                    Emily Warner
                                                                    • First Year
                                                                      Laura Yunes-Medina
                                                                      Laura Yunes-Medina
                                                                        Hypoxic signaling in neurons