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Program Administration


Ania Majewska, Ph.D.
Office: MC 5-8153
Phone: 275-4173  

Associate Director

John Olschowka, Ph.D. 
Office: MRB G-9619
Phone: 275-8238

Admissions Committee Chair

Douglas Portman, Ph.D.
Office: KMRB 2-9641
Phone: 275-7414  

Graduate Program Coordinator

Tori D’Agostino
Office: KMRB G-9602G
Phone:  275-5788

The NGP Director oversees the administration and day-to-day activities of the NGP and is assisted by the Associate Director and Graduate Program Coordinator.  Three committees comprised of faculty and student representatives participate in the administration of the program. The NGP Admissions Committee recruits students to the NGP and is made up of faculty representing a broad range of neuroscience disciplines. The NGP Steering Committee is made up of faculty with demonstrated interest and expertise in graduate education. The Steering Committee is charged with making decisions on the general policies, qualifying exams, curricula, and faculty membership of the NGP. The NGP Executive Committee is comprised of administrative leaders in neuroscience and acts to guide major policy changes and to represent the program at the institutional level.