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Program-Sponsored Activities

NGP students participate fully in program-sponsored functions in addition to their own department/center-sponsored activities and seminars.

  • Annual Retreat: The NGP sponsors an all-day retreat for students, postdocs, and faculty from across the University who share an interest in neuroscience. The retreat, planned by students and faculty, is typically held in the fall at an off-campus site.
  • Neuroscience Colloquium:  The program co-sponsors a number of seminars each year that bring visiting scientists from around the world to the University to present their latest research findings.  The Colloquium supplements the numerous department and center-sponsored seminars by aiming to invite speakers that will appeal to a broad cross-section of the Neuroscience community.  Speakers are selected by a committee of students and faculty.
  • Neuroscience Luncheons:  The program sponsors a luncheon for NGP graduate students on the second Wednesday of each month during the academic year.  In addition to free food and drink, the monthly lunch provides a forum for students to discuss topics related to graduate education with the NGP directors and other guests. 
  • NGP Qualifying Exam and Thesis Defense Seminars: All NGP students are expected to attend these special presentations to support their colleagues as they pass through important milestones in their training. 
  • Poster Sessions:  Throughout the year, various departments, centers, and programs sponsor poster sessions to showcase their research and to provide a forum for exchanging ideas.  NGP students who have passed their qualifying exams are expected to present their work at these sessions, and all students are expected to attend and actively participate.
  • Mandatory Lecture Attendance: All NGP students are expected to attend named lectures Doty, Notter, etc.